Monday, November 30, 2009


For the past month I have not exercised one bit. Why you ask? One of those running of together events that really put running on the back burner. I had a fishing trip at the end of October with a bunch of the guys down in Ohio. That means lots of fishing, lots of beer and no running. That was to be expected. I also took the last two weeks of November off for deer hunting. Because I had such a large block of time off from work, I had to work twice as much for the first two weeks of the month. As such, I did not run at all during that time. The good news is I caught alot of Walleye on the fishing trip and got a 6 point during hunting. The bad news is I put on about 7 pounds during the process!

I did run today but wont go into the details until the end of the week. That should keep me motivated this first crucial week back to actually run! I dont have any races scheduled until Spring since its going to be snowing here for the next 4 months. While I wont go into detail about the run, suffice to say it sucked at bad as I thought it was going to.

Ill post more at the end of the week though! It is good to be back!

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