Thursday, August 20, 2009

Late Entry

The graph shown shows that practice at least improves! I found out how to print an average line with the Polar software. Now, I only have 2 1/2 months worth of data, but there is already a distinct trend in faster times! This is pretty exciting because I have also increased my mileage from when I started. As for last week, it was a pretty uneventful week as far as running was concerned. I did not get all the miles I wanted in, and Saturday's run was awful. The weather forecast was for 80's by noon, so we started off early. Unfortunantly, it hit 80 earlier in the morning. It was fine up to the 5 mile mark, but we were way too hot after to make it the full eight at full speed. We ended up slowing up quite a bit. If this happens again with the heat, we will probably split the run up into two seperate 4 mile runs.

My runs for last week are as follows:

Monday - Intervals 10x400 @ 7:03 pace with 45 sec cooldown in between

Friday - 5.2 mile run in 47 minutes

Saturday - 8 miles 1:26 pace for the running part, and 1/2 hour walking included to add to time.

That was it! I was working out of town so missed on most of the week. I also made the mistake of trying to catch up to some of it on Friday, which probably wasnt the smartest thing!

That's it!

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