Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Week Left To Go!!

It was an great week of running....only one injury to speak of! Yesterday, was the VASA 5k race as well as a later 9 mile run we did across town. First off, all day it didn't get above 40 degrees. The race was freezing and the only saving grace was no wind. By the time we decided to run the long run, the wind has kicked up and we were running right into it. We reached the halfway point, and wouldn't you know started to rain....and it was as freezing as the temperature. Actually, as soon as we got back home, it started to snow. During the run, by feet ended up getting soaked. Because they were cold, I couldn't feel any pain and didn't notice until I got near the car that my right shoe was soaked with blood. After I got home, I checked my toes and the only damage I could find was a small cut on one toe. It bled like no tomorrow, that's all I know!

The half marathon is one week from today!! I can say without a doubt that I'm ready for it. It shouldn't be a problem. The only issue I can say that will affect anything might be the weather, but its too far out to see what that might be. Right now it's showing a start in the mid 40's with mostly sunny conditions but it's Michigan...the weather can change day to day no matter what the forecast.

As a recap of running for the week, here it is...this next week will be much lighter, and I will most likely just recap the half for that.

Monday - 3 Mile Tempo - 7:35 pace

Tuesday - 4 Mile of Intervals - 5 x 800 @ 7:00 pace with 3:30 rest in between each.

Thursday - 5.0 Mile On Treadmill - 8:37 pace

Saturday - 3.25 mile VASA run - 30:14 (unofficial) Hilly trail run
8.75 mile TART run w/ Corey - 1:40:00.

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