Thursday, April 22, 2010

Post Mexico! much for thrashing any miles out in Mexico! (which explains the absence in posts!) Anyway, I had too much fun and now have to get back into the swing of things.

The week before the trip, I did get my long run in, which I desperately needed. I have to adjust my race schedule though. I have been out of town for work pretty much every week this year so far. While I may not be out of town 5 days a week, its been at least a couple days each week. This coupled with the trip and upcoming scheduled events has caused me to revisit my schedule. My family wants me around some more (who would have thought?) so I am trying to schedule a local race later in May. Unfortunately, this race is currently closed, but I am hoping some spots open up for late registration in the beginning of May. Also, I needed an extra couple weeks to get back into running form before I attempted it. Its a half marathon, but I plan on running it comfortably hard. No PR attempts just an easy run on a Saturday! We will see since this race closed rather early this year.

The trip to Mexico has thrown off my training a little in regards to weight also! We stayed at an all inclusive place, and I came back 5-8 pounds heavier. Go figure! Now I have to work my butt off probably triple the time to get that weight off.

As I mentioned in the past, I am incorporating P90x and more elliptical workouts to my routine. Both routines have proven to be challenging, and the muscles I use less have rebelled against the torture. The elliptical workouts are now not as debilitating, but the P90x is another story. I am only doing to core workout on that right now, but man....the last time I did it I was sore for days after.

Anyway, that's it for right now. This week I am slowly going to ease back into it and as I have a fishing trip planned for this weekend, the long run planned is in the air. I don't know if Ill be able to squeeze it in, but if not will jump back on it next week!!!

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