Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are You Kiddddding Me!!!!

Broken toe of all things to put a huge obstacle in way of my running. Last Saturday, I was running into the garage to get my running shoes on, and rolled my toes underneath my foot with considerable force. I heard (felt) a pop, and the rest is history. The good thing is it looks to be the top bone in the toe, and I can walk on it pretty easily. I can put pressure to an extent on the foot, and bending in upwards is no problem. Downward is another story and hurts like no tommorrow. My wife is urging me to not race in Charlevoix as its 8 weeks away, and its pretty hard to run those long 8-12 mile runs on a busted up toe. I am going to substitute elliptical training and biking (if I can) and see where it goes. I'm really bummed about it, but I dont want this going into July/August runs, and Ill have to start getting into training for the Metro Health run in Grand Rapids.

Ill try and post pictures of the toe.....of course its black and blue right now, and the nail is going to fall off for sure. Just perfect.

Also as a side note, gained about 12 lbs total from the Cancun trip. Perfect!

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