Saturday, May 22, 2010

An All Right Week....

I shouldn't complain about my first full week back since my toe was hurt....but like any other runner out there, if I don't perform to what I perceive as 100%, I'm disappointed. The shorter runs this week went fine, but the long run today was what I wasn't happy with. I look off way too fast, and ended up having to walk some of the route. Although the time was at the slower end of the range I like to run the longer runs didn't go the way I wanted. At least the toe held up fine.

Monday - Elliptical workout - 2.6 miles for 35 minutes
Tuesday - 3 mile run @ 29:15
Thursday - 3 mile run @ 27:07
Friday - 3 mile run @ 28:31
Saturday - 6.7 mile run @ 1:19:16

Ill be out of town this coming week, but the hotel I'm staying at has a pretty good workout room with brand new treadmills. Its supposed to be in the mid 80's to 90's next week, and Ill probably have to run in the morning before work.

Due to having to take time off for healing, Ill probably have to cancel the Charlevoix Half. Ill know more in a couple weeks.

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