Thursday, May 5, 2011


Got on a treadmill today for a 30-minute run. It has been three weeks since I have completely cut-off cigarettes, and thought a quick 3 miles @ 10:00 pace would be achievable. would have been, but it would have been way too hard a push in the shape I'm in. I have gained a staggering 15 pounds since I last ran, and it was too much. 1.5 miles into the run, I slowed way down but I was intent on finishing 30 minutes total exercise. I will likely try my next run at (gasp) 11:00/mile and see where it goes. It feels slow, so that's probably right for now until I get in a little better shape. (max heart rate was in the 190's) Way, way too high. (although I dont train by heart-rate, I know anything above 175 means I'm starting to push it)

So what sparked the sudden need to run? No smoking...that's primary. Secondary have been some personal issues that have caused more stress then usual. I needed something to push this stress out of the way...running always does that. Lastly....I missed it! I know most people think "runners" are crazy for actually enjoying something that yes...does cause some discomfort often, but it is something I do enjoy.

Anyways, that's it...hopefully this time it sticks. I have a new position where I travel alot now, so many runs are going to be on hotel treadmills or trails if I can find them in other cities. Cant wait! Bayshore is this month, and if I run it, it will of course be a slow long training run. No under two hour half attempt for me.

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