Monday, May 23, 2011

A Much Better Start to the Week!

Last week sucked...lets just be honest! I was out of town and using the hotel treadmill and elliptical. It was hard....mostly because I have been out of it for so long. Every exercise seemed like it was going to be my last....hard, hard, hard!!

This week, I started off with a run on Sunday for 3 miles, and then an elliptical workout today that was a little more challenging....level 7 on my Horizon Elliptical. The run went well; I ran it at around a 10:00 pace. The elliptical workout also went well, although I sweated more then I think I ever have before.

The plan is to keep running at around a 10:00 pace until I am completely comfortable with it. I will then start increasing mileage at specific runs during the week; and then start implementing a long run during the weekend at a slower pace. I plan on still using an elliptical workout during the week....likely one or two days per week. I find that this workout helps with muscle groups I'm not used to using or that are weak.

Another item that is going to change is outside running. I made the mistake last year of completely going from treadmill to outside running. I have learned from past mistakes and will slowly start implementing that....outside running is way different then treadmill running...I dont care what anyone says.

Anyway, just a short post for updates. Still running, still loving it and a great stress reliever lately! Will update later on this weekend.

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