Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well, its been some time since I've posted, and Ill admit even ran. I do have some excuses, but nothing that explains the entire absence. About a month and half or so ago, I was running through the house chasing my dog, and my toenail on the little toe caught on a laundry basket on the floor and was completely tore off. That hurt like hell and I decided to take a week off to let it heal which went much longer than that. Then, three weeks or so ago, I was ice fishing and tripped on the ice, with my hand arresting my fall on my ice auger. I needed stitches, the finger still hurts in the cold and isnt completely healed up yet. (the stiches are out though)

My race schedule was set today, which has got me motivated finally to get going. I don't have much of a choice, since the first race is about 8 weeks away, and its a doozy....25k race to start in Grand Rapids. Ill see how it goes, but since its the first race, Ill plan on taking it easy on this one. The whole goal this year is to finish the marathon in October with hopefully a sub 4:00 time. (closer to BQ would be really awesome, but being realistic, I hope to just finish the darn thing)

My wife has decided this year at least for right now to not get into the running as serious as myself. Shell probably enter the same races, but the shorter distance options. She says she has no desire still to run a marathon, and she is deep into the P90x right now. She also adds in runs during the week, but nothing like last year. That's cool with was obvious at the end she was getting burned out by all of the long runs on Saturday, and I don't think 13-20+ mile long runs later in the year will go any further in not burning her out!!

Anyway, today's 3 mile run was the early start to the 8 week half training schedule, which actually doesnt start until Sunday. I really didnt gain any weight in my time off from running, and surprisingly, didnt have tight back muscles after the run. (Ill probably have it tomorrow) One change I am implementing this year that I may have mentioned before is core training. I am notorious for skipping any core training....I cannot stand doing it and feel I'm wasting my time. Sundays are my dedicated days for P90x core workouts, and I'll try and mix up additional non running core/strength training. I have also changed my training plan from the 12 week Hal Higdon plan to a new 8 week plan. The Higdon plan peaked at about 28 or so miles for the week before the race. This new plan peaks at just under that. I liked the Higdon plan, but the beginning part seemed to draggggg on! I'm not going to link the plan until I get a feel for how its going to work, but I think I'm going to like it. While there is less actual mileage than I was running on last years plan, there is more dedicated cross training, which I seriously neglected last year because I was running all of the time!!

Anyway, hope to hear from all you runners throughout the year as the running season gets into full gear, and maybe Ill see you out there!


  1. Hope to see you in Grand Rapids in October!

  2. For sure!! The whole year is geared towards it!!