Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh.....the pain!!!!

Week one of official training has not went according to plan! I did the P90x Core Workout program with my wife on Sunday. My hamstrings felt like they were on fire through today!! As of today, they are still sore, but I can at least get out of my vehicle without sounding like I'm 85 years old with advanced arthritis. Today, I was scheduled to run 3 miles easy.....that wasnt going to happen. Instead, I will now run 3 miles easy tomorrow, then intervals on Friday (its not a real hard session) and end with my long run on Saturday. I have again modified my program. The "easy" program I have only has run's scheduled for 3 days a week, while the intermediate program has 5 days a week. The intermediate has at least one day, and sometimes two days a week with 3 mile EZ runs, but the ramp up in mileage is more realistic. The easy program starts at 4 mile long runs, but only ends at 10 miles. The intermediate on the other hand starts at eight at ends at 12 miles. I am going to implement a program where I run 4 days a week instead, with p90x on one day (Sunday), other cross training on another day and a day of rest. (if I need two days of rest Ill take it) One run will be the long run on Saturday, one run will be an interval or tempo run, one run will be an easy run around 3-5 miles as time progresses, and the other run will be "up in the air" as a rotating day based on what I actually did. The only run I can count on all of time as far as my schedule is concerned is the long run on Saturday. This should allow me to get in the miles I'm wanting, and get in the harder workouts. The last part of the program I'm going to change is starting out at 6 miles as the long run. Week two will be 7 miles, week three an eight mile run, week four a 9 mile run but with a reduced weekly schedule, week five a 10 mile run, week six an 11 mile run with another reduced weekly total, and week 7 12 miles. Week 8 is the week of the race and Ill again reduce the mileage down. I had thought I would do shorter tempo runs every third week or so, but I never have a problem with the long runs, unless the total mileage for the week gets out of hand. This way, I figure I wont get burned out with all the mileage, and can concentrate on quality long run sessions while still having the energy to put in quality runs throughout the week.

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