Sunday, March 21, 2010

End of Week One!

After a slow start to the week, everything ended up close to back to normal by the end of the week.

Sunday - P90x workout
Tuesday - 3 Mile EZ Run (went out too fast)
Thursday - 3 Mile EZ Run (a little better)
Friday - Intervals 8x400
Saturday - 6 Mile Run (best run of the week)

The new modified schedule seems to be working great. Although my legs were pretty shot at the beginning of the week (from the P90x workout), they ended up getting better as the week went on. My only upcoming issue may be going on vacation. I'm going to Cancun with my wife and another couple in April for a week. Ill try and load up on the harder run's early, and do the EZ runs while I'm in Cancun.

Anyway, on to the next week! The weather has turned cold up here, which I hope doesnt last. With the 50's and 60's weve been having, these mid 30's and low 40's are not welcome.

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