Sunday, March 14, 2010

End of Week Recap!

Like I mentioned, I restarted back into running this week. It went as well as could be expected and with the pains I was anticipating. I ran three miles on Thursday, and then did four on Saturday...both runs at an easier pace. Sunday (today) I did the P90x Core Workout. I am glad I am implementing some core workouts to my routine. Its something I was lacking last year, and I knew I would need it this year as the closer I get to 40, the easier it is to deposit weight in the core area!!

Now, I am going to bring up a topic that is a pet peeve of mine. There are certain races that I love to run. Most of those races tend to be more local races. While I am all for the usually better run larger races, I love it when I find a small town race that is well run. A great example of this which I mentioned in the past is the Grand Rapids Marathon (the Metro Health) that is run in October. Another race I like to run, mostly because I live in the same town are the Bayshore races in Traverse City, Michigan. My issue is that they have capped the marathon and half marathon at somewhere around 2500 runners. This has happened the past couple years. Last year, I wasnt ready and ran the 10k. (which I dont think is capped) I would think a race would want more runners, and to bring more business to a community. Now, Traverse City isnt a huge venue, and the race is along some pretty narrow roads but that could be changed. (for Gods sake, there are two bays, and they are huge) Just my you can tell by now, I missed the cutoff!!!!!

Anyway, Ill continue my Sunday posts unless something comes up midweek that I think is mind blowing important!

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