Sunday, March 28, 2010

GREAT Week Except the Last Day!!!

I had a pretty good week with running with the exception of some cramping issues in my calf towards the end of the week. I am trying to implement more core/cross-training this year, mostlyP90x (not the full program) as well as Elliptical training. This week, I jumped on the Elliptical for 30 minutes on random with the level set half way through. While I did finish the routine, I'm pretty sure that's where my calf problems came from. I would have done the P90x routine, but that kicked my ass the last time I did it, so I changed to the Elliptical.

Monday - 3 Mile EZ Run (9:26 mile Average)
Wednesday - 3 Mile Pace Run (8:34 mile Average)
Thursday - 3 Mile Run at Hotel (9:10 mile Average....was rushed)
Friday - 30 Minute Elliptical
Saturday - 5 Mile Easy Run (10:00 mile Average...was supposed to be 7 mile Long run but calf cramps cut short)

Next week, I'll be working out of town and will again have to run on treadmills. Ill be home later in the week to do the long run outside. Ill probably try and implement more cross training (some on "Rest days" as well) this next week. I'm talking low impact type stuff, like Elliptical or Recumbant bike or similar.

I'm liking what I'm seeing as far as my running performance, other than the cramping issues. My speed is increasing on the shorter runs and the long runs have been going good as far as breathing, heart-rate and leg strength. Hopefully, this past long run was just a minor setback (it hasnt bothered me since) and I can continue on. I'm progressing pretty well on the half marathon training, and the first race is in May so we will see!!!

Good luck to everyone!!

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