Saturday, June 27, 2009

Charlevoix 10k Week!!

Well, I finished the Charlevoix "10k" in 59:22 according to my HRM, which is my best time yet! I checked out my distance with my Polar though, and it was around 6.427 miles. I know that they can be off, but I ran this race much better than any of the others, and was actually a little upset at the 59:22 time. Oh well! All you can do is gauge against the results next year! I did have one problem in the race at a rather long incline just before mile 5. (great place to put that) I ended up walking up some of that. I posted my heartrate log from the run and you can see exactly where that happened. I was surprised it also posted my water-stops, although those are really only visible by the drop in cadence.

Corey did good too, beating her previous best time!

To recap, here is what I did this week:

Monday - 3 mile tempo run - 25:17
Tuesday - Intervals - 10x400 at 7:03 with 45 sec rest
Thursday - 3.5 miles easy - 35:00
Saturday - Charlevoix 10k - 59:22

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