Monday, June 8, 2009

Intervals....and they were awful!

Today I did my intervals. Last time, I did 10x400 @ a 7:30 pace with about a minute cooldown in between each one. This time, I did the same 10x400, but @ a 7:13 pace and only 45 seconds cool down in between each. I did my warm up run before; about a 1/2 mile or so @ a 10:00ish pace. I also ran around a half mile after the intervals @ a 10:00 pace. Next time I may go down to a 7:00 pace, but that will be it for awhile. I don't think I go much faster without seriously pushing it. It was hard enough today to do it today.....there was sweat flying around everywhere! We will see what the 7:00 pace does. I haven't really finished the intervals with nothing left, which is where I'd like to be near. I also haven't done intervals every Ill just have to see how my body handles it.

Tomorrow, an easy 5 mile run is scheduled. (and I mean easy!) with a quicker change up tempo 6 miler on Wednesday, and a 3 mile tempo on Thursday. Friday will be off and Saturday should be an 8 mile long run! I will have the new Polar by tomorrow, but be able to use it until probably Wednesday. Ill have that info, but all of this weeks runs until the weekend will be on the treadmill. I'd rather have the data from an actual outside run.

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